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#AskAnArchivist in Two Tweets

#AskAnArchivist in Two Tweets

October 30th is #AskAnArchivist Day on Twitter.  Following that hashtag is a lot of fun as museums, libraries, and archives take the day to answer questions and share some of the quirkier and more interesting items in their collections.

These two tweets from the Eisenhower Library’s @IkeLibrary Twitter account are a great example to illustrate why I love #AskAnArchivist Day.  Seeing the more private (and in this case whimsical) side of public figures helps us better understand them as people.

Women Working With WordPress

Women Working With WordPress

I am playing around with Listly to see if I am interested in upgrading to a Pro account.  I came across this interesting list.  I have a few women to add here.

Mar 08, 2014 - - 296
andrea_r (@andrea_r)

Canadian, unschooler & quilter. StudioPress support rep. Grandma of 3, wife of @sillygrampy.

Mar 08, 2014 - - 391
Siobhan McKeown (@siobhanpmckeown)

WordPress, documentation, writing, @audreycapital, @smashingmag

Mar 08, 2014 - - 343
Lisa Sabin-Wilson (@lisasabinwilson)

Partner: @WebDevStudios / Co-founder: @AppPresser / Author: WordPress For Dummies /
Produced in TX, Aged in WI - GO PACKERS!

Mar 11, 2014 by Stefanie A. Newton - - 370
Dee Teal (@thewebprincess)

Master of Digital Communication and Culture (USYD), Web Developer, Freelancer, WordPress Trainer & Genesis Junkie, Copyright Issue observer - wears a tiara

Aug 30, 2014 by Sarah Schoper - - 317

the musing of a faculty member (by @SitWithIt)

Mar 08, 2014 - - 405
Jeni Elliott (@theblogmaven)

blog designer + growth strategist. I convert readers to believers. #blogging #webdesign

Mar 08, 2014 - - 290
Rachael Butts (@rachaelbutts)

I'm a self-made WordPress gal who loves running my own shop and God not in that order.

Mar 08, 2014 - - 293
carrie dils (@cdils)

WordPress maker. Genesis developer. Husband lover. Book reader. Dog petter. Jesus follower.
I take myself seriously. Very seriously.

Mar 08, 2014 - - 301
Susan Nelson (@ohhellodesigns)

I love making websites for small businesses and bloggers & I do it with #WordPress + #GenesisWP.

Mar 08, 2014 - - 359
ipstenu (Mika E.) (@ipstenu)

WordPress Half-Elf Support Rogue. SCAdian, comic book & gamer geek. There are dice in my purse.

Photo by Alex Harris – WCMIA 2013 Wordcamp Miami —

Copyright Crazies or Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Copyright Crazies or Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I intentionally did not call out either the artist or the sloppily sharing page by name because this situation is not really about them.  This just represents one skirmish in the constant ongoing struggle between artists of all types and those who think the Internet is giant unsupervised lost and found bin.  I dread the day when artists like this one, or photographers, or animators, feel compelled to hide their work behind pay-walls because a basic respect for the work of others is lacking in so many.

A very talented artist who shares her work in books she sells, as well as on her website and Facebook page, seems to have touched a nerve with an extremely polite and restrained suggestion to the operator of a Facebook page that shares, uncredited images from around the web on the general topic of history.

The artist noticed one of her pieces had been shared, uncredited, by the page operator and made this suggestion, verbatim, including the smiley at the end: “Would be great if you could credit the artist when using their work. :)

The page owner replied back with the oh so common response of: finders keepers and everyone does it… if an image is on the net it means anyone can use it and I’m sure lots of people are.”


If you have to have tech problems…

If you have to have tech problems…

It helps to have pleasant company while things get straightened out.  I was recently affected by a bug in the URL shortening function built into Buffer. I was very impressed with their support team.

I reported the problem via this handy form that is only one click away from the main Dashboard:

Buffer Support Form

Buffer Support Form

The form even lets you convey your own sense of urgency with the problem and I also used it to upload a screenshot to help illustrate the malfunction.  Within minutes I had an email from Buffer that:

  1. Acknowledged the problem in an empathetic manner
  2. Offered suggestions to work around the problem temporarily
  3. OWNED the problem by confirming that it sounds like an issue at their end
  4. Made me feel informed by letting me know the problem was passed on to the appropriate team


#YesAllWomen Tweet Resources

#YesAllWomen Tweet Resources

I am sorry this took so long.  I ended up busy with my day job and only got a chance to get back to assembling this stuff this morning.

The tweets for the peak time for #YesAllWomen tweets was May 25-28, 2014.   During that time I captured 564,153 tweets in total.  Of those, 129,580 were unique tweets and the remaining 434,573 were retweets of items included in the 129.580 set of unique items.  When looking at the links and downloads here, the dataset will include the full archive until “No Retweets” is specified.

If you would like to play with the data yourself, you can download these spreadsheets or reports:

Note:  The Full PDF Timeline Report of  #YesAllWomen Tweets with No Retweets is an 11,780 page document.  Some computers cannot open a file of that size, so I made the Sectioned version available.  It is the exact same information but broken down into 24 PDFs of 500 pages each.

I have also placed all the data online as a Google Fusion Table.  It is set for public viewing and anyone who wants to can clone it and do with it as they wish.

Fusion Table Facets

  • Full Fusion Table
  • Tweeted Images – This includes “broken images” that are a result of people deleting their tweet or changing privacy levels on their accounts.
  • Tweets with Images – Same thing applies here for broken images.
  • Tweet Map – This map is centered on the USA but can pan and zoom anywhere.  Due to the sheer volume of tweets, the map can be sluggish so be patient when moving around.