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I am sorry this took so long.  I ended up busy with my day job and only got a chance to get back to assembling this stuff this morning.

The tweets for the peak time for #YesAllWomen tweets was May 25-28, 2014.   During that time I captured 564,153 tweets in total.  Of those, 129,580 were unique tweets and the remaining 434,573 were retweets of items included in the 129.580 set of unique items.  When looking at the links and downloads here, the dataset will include the full archive until “No Retweets” is specified.

If you would like to play with the data yourself, you can download these spreadsheets or reports:

Note:  The Full PDF Timeline Report of  #YesAllWomen Tweets with No Retweets is an 11,780 page document.  Some computers cannot open a file of that size, so I made the Sectioned version available.  It is the exact same information but broken down into 24 PDFs of 500 pages each.

I have also placed all the data online as a Google Fusion Table.  It is set for public viewing and anyone who wants to can clone it and do with it as they wish.

Fusion Table Facets

  • Full Fusion Table
  • Tweeted Images – This includes “broken images” that are a result of people deleting their tweet or changing privacy levels on their accounts.
  • Tweets with Images – Same thing applies here for broken images.
  • Tweet Map – This map is centered on the USA but can pan and zoom anywhere.  Due to the sheer volume of tweets, the map can be sluggish so be patient when moving around.