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Scott Abel, in his Flexing Your Content column for EContent today, discusses the best approach to selecting tools to make the work of content staff easier and/or better.  His points are equally valid for virtually any software selection process.  And I can tell you this with complete confidence:  Your IT staff will really appreciate it if you follow Scott’s advice and ask the right question at the beginning.  Sharing what you hope to accomplish is definitely the best way to start.

As a content strategy consultant, I’m often called upon by brands seeking to find ways to solve complex content challenges. Far too often, they start off their quest for a solution by asking the wrong first question: “What software do we need?”

This is the wrong first question for a variety of reasons. The most important reason is that software products are tools, not content solutions, no matter what software company marketing mavens would like you to believe. Tools help content professionals solve content challenges and meet business goals. Tools, by themselves, do not solve content problems.

Be sure to read the whole column at  Selecting Software: The Right First Question.