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There were over 107,000 tweets and retweets during the #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign.  There were roughly 31,218 “original” tweets and the remaining 75,000 or so were retweets.  The key Tumblr posts about the campaign can be viewed here.

The single most retweeted post was this one – at of the time of this posting it has been shared 805 times, and favorited 1,730 times.

Other favorites include:


Campaign Scope

This campaign to bring more diverse characters and writers to the world of children and young adult literature resonated with people around the world. It is important to note that this map is far from complete.  Only Twitter users who have set an actual location on their profile will appear.  If you have something like ‘Home’ or ‘Wherever books are read’ as your location on your Twitter profile your tweets will not be on the map.

Campaign Growth

You can see the growth of the campaign on Twitter by adding nodes via the control in the upper left of this box.  As you add nodes the complexity will grow rapidly as more and more people interact with each other to discuss the topic and share ideas.  When the data is too dense to see, just zoom in until it makes sense again. God dots are people and blue dots are tweets.   The larger a gold dot appears the more active that Twitter user was during the campaign.  The larger a blue dot appears the more often that tweet was retweeted.

Download the Archive

If you would like to use the #WeNeedDiveseBooks Tweet archive as a Fusion Table you can make a copy of my table here.  Two versions of the archives are available for download below.

Download for Excel Download Original Tweets (PDF)


The Images

Because access to tweets via Twitter’s search tool is limited as tweets age, the 2,000+  images attached to Tweets  have been collected into an album on Flickr.  They are shown in the slideshow here.

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