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As I mentioned before, I will be sharing an archive of the #WeNeedDiverseBooks tweets after the campaign.  If you would like to be notified, be sure to sign up for an email alert here.

But I am impatient.  So I took a snapshot of the tweets using the #WeNeedDiverseBooks hashtag between 2014-04-30 18:02 and 2014-04-30 21:10.

Check out the preliminary visualizations… 

#WeNeedDiverseBooks Interactions

This is a nodal chart showing connections between people and tweets.  The blue dots are people and the gold dots are tweets.  The larger a blue dot appears, the more times that user used the #WeNeedDiverseBooks hashtag either directly, or by retweeting other people.  The larger a gold dot appears, the more times that tweet was shared.  Use the control in the upper left corner to add nodes.  The more nodes you add the more complex the conversation will appear.  If things are too dense to read, just use the +/- control on the left to zoom in and out.  You can also grab people or tweets and drag them to get a feel for the interactions.


Tweets are Coming From…

Not everyone allows Twitter access to their general geographic location, but  those who do are on this map.  You can zoom in and out and pan around the world if you want.