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The TV News Archive at was originally released in September 2012 as a research library.  This  free service is provided as a way to enhance the capabilities of journalists, scholars, teachers, librarians, civic organizations and other engaged citizens.

The site uses of closed captioning data  to enable users to search, quote and borrow from the Internet Archive’s collection of over a half million US TV news broadcasts aired since 2009.

Earlier this month a new interface was rolled out.  This new search and retrieval system was designed to give users better access to this collection while providing new tools to enable users to share short clips from any broadcast.

Updated News Search Interface

Updated News Search Interface

The new system offers these enhancements:

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  • Search transcripts of US TV news shows aired since 2009 – Search with topical terms to return shows with corresponding transcripts. Remember, you are searching the words spoken in the show.  You can also narrow your search to a specify a network or show name.
  • Scan and view show segments – Shows are presented in 60 second segments, each with a video and corresponding transcript text. You can use Control+F to search within the transcript on the results page.
  • Share and embed short clips (aka quotes) from a show – Shareable quotes are limited to 60 seconds. You can drag and drop your start/end points to refine your quote selection.  These clips can be shared on Social Media or embedded on a blog or other website.  The embedding system provides shortcodes for use by users.  Quotes are assigned a permalink that you can share in email or via IM.
  • Track popularity of show quotes shared over time – Quotes with a unique start and stop time within a show will be tracked to see how often they are re-shared or played.
  • Borrow full shows on DVD – Many of the shows in the archive can be borrowed as complete shows on DVDs for 30 days with a $25 processing fee.


Sample Quotes

And as if this service was not already cool enough, the news archive includes episodes of both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.